Our Services


Client Advocacy

Aguila’s Case Management staff meet regularly with clients to create independent living programs. Case managers provide dedicated research, compassionate guidance, and resourcefulness to help families navigate the required steps, paperwork, and hard work needed to lift them out of homelessness.


Job Placement

Aguila helps clients find jobs and build careers. Our Job Placement staff provide career counseling and job development, as well as a personalized education and training plan that might include G.E.D. completion, citizenship, or help with college applications. Aguila’s clients have the opportunity to learn interviewing skills, resume building, and job-search techniques, preparing them for re-introduction into the work force.


Childhood Enrichment

Aguila’s Client Activities Coordinators partner with the City’s Department of Homeless Services to provide educational services for children living in our shelters. Activities include field trips, arts and crafts, tutoring, and educational workshops.


Transitional Housing

Aguila provides families with temporary housing throughout the Bronx and Manhattan. We welcome clients arriving from the City’s Department of Homeless Services, placing them in safe, secure single-family apartments. Our transitional housing is a crucial resource that creates a cohesive and home-like atmosphere to help families to rebuild their lives and get back on the path toward independent living.


Community Support

Aguila’s Community Service Coordinators work with partners across the City to find resources within the community to help both our clients and local businesses. From planning housing fairs with local landlords and realtors, to holding job fairs with local employers, we take a proactive approach to helping our community. 


Permanent Housing

Aguila’s Housing Specialists help clients find permanent, high-quality affordable housing. Housing Specialists bring their expertise in the City’s complicated regulatory statues and fair housing laws to advocate for vouchers for clients, and help families with applications for federal and state housing assistance. Clients also receive a dedicated connection to the real estate market as well as transportation to view prospective apartments.